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Lightfield 12 Gauge 2-3/4 Wildlife Control Rubber Buckshot Ammo - 5rds

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This is Lightfield 12 Gauge 2-3/4"" Wildlife Control Rubber Buckshot Ammo.

Lightfield has developed a full line of less lethal ammunition for Wildlife Control Professionals. The aversive conditioning of large, heavy muscled animals is a growing trend with specific range demands. The new Lightfield line includes patent pending designs with velocity and kinetic energies calibrated for range specific applications. The new line is intended exclusively for wildlife control and provides effective and affordable solutions for close, mid-range and extended range targets. Lightfield believes ammunition that is safe and effective at close range on humans may be underpowered for large animals at greater ranges. Likewise, loads that are effective at extended ranges may be too powerful for humans at close range. In response to that situation,

This is the &lsquotraditional’ aversive conditioning round, improved to carry a larger payload. There are 21 .32 caliber PVC balls moving at 700 fps. This load is designed for close to intermediate encounters with large game such as Bear, Moose, Elk or Deer. The 21 pellets spread into a large pattern to impart a painful stimuli over a large area with little risk of injury. This product is sold 5 rounds per box.


  • Muzzle Velocities - 750-FPS
  • Muzzle Energies - N-A
  • Casings - PLASTIC-HULL
  • Bullet Weight - N-A

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