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RJ Extreme 9mm Heavy Incendiary Ammo - 5rds

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Hard to find RJ Extreme 9mm Heavy Incendiary Ammo! Heavy incendiary ammunition, the bullet is tipped with a compounded intended to give visual feedback when hitting a target.  In both World War I and II incendiary ammo was used for many purposes.  When it impacts a target there is a bright flash, smoke, and a 3000-degree flame which makes it very effective at catching things on fire.  Very similar to its lesser counterpart heavy incendiary has greater release of energy resulting in a larger flash, smoke, and flame.

This product is sold in 5 round packs.

  • Application - TARGET/PLINKING
  • Muzzle Velocities - N-A
  • Muzzle Energies - N-A
  • Casings - BRASS-CASING
  • Bullet Weight - N-A
  • Bullet Type - HEAVY INCENDIARY

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